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Hi sir, They were fond of music,played on various kinds of instruments,and indulged in much singing. Tell me is it a clause "played on various kinds of instruments" and if it is so what kind of clause it is?

Peter M replied on Poland Mens Plaid Linen Pocket Square Bigi Cravatte Milano zuoPG

Hello aseel aftab,

This is an example of a reduced relative clause:

The clause here describes the noun 'music' and so has an adjectival function.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

They were fond of music (which was) played on various kinds of instruments, and (they) indulged in much singing.

aseel aftab replied on Pakistan Modal Scarf Eric Bear by VIDA VIDA mes5ws4

Much as we like Shakespeare's comedies,we cannot agree with Dr Johnson that they are are better than his tragedies. Could you please tell me that the clause"that they are better than his tragedies"is what kind of clause a noun or an adverb clause of comparision of degree?

Peter M replied on Poland Permalink

Hello aseel aftab,

The that-clause here acts as a noun clause and is the direct object of the verb 'agree'. There are many verbs which take a that-clause as an object (see and , for example).

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

kallarati replied on Albania Permalink

Hello! I want to express my thanks for the lessons and the exercises. My problem here is that after finishing the exercises it says that there are seven more items to do but I tried and couldn' t find them. Thanks!

Kirk replied on Spain Novak Djokovic Embroidered Shell Tennis Cap Lacoste 1nlQF

Hello kallarati,

Thanks for your comment! It's always great to hear that people appreciate our work.

I'm sorry for the confusion with the task. In this kind of exercise, you can tick more than one box in some questions, which is why it says there are items remaining. If you tick too many boxes for a question, the exercise will tell you this.

After you click or press the Finish button, it turns into a Show Answers button. This will show which boxes should have been ticked.

I think that should solve the problem for you, but if not, please let us know.

All the best, Kirk The LearnEnglish Team

delsonscoelho replied on Brazil Permalink

After 12th the exercise is not permiting advance to next question.

Kirk replied on Spain Permalink

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This paper presents an overview of the nuclear accident that occurred at the Mayak Production Association (PA) in the Russian Federation on 29 September 1957, often referred to as ‘Kyshtym Accident’, when 20 MCi (740 PBq) of radionuclides were released by a chemical explosion in a radioactive waste storage tank. 2 MCi (74 PBq) spread beyond the Mayak PA site to form the East Urals Radioactive Trace (EURT). The paper describes the accident and gives brief characteristics of the efficacy of the implemented protective measures that made it possible to considerably reduce doses to the exposed population. The paper also provides retrospective dosimetry estimates for the members of the EURT Cohort (EURTC) which comprises approximately 21 400 people. During the first two years after the accident a decrease in the group average leukocyte (mainly due to neutrophils and lymphocytes) and thrombocyte count was observed in the population. At later dates an increased excess relative risk of solid cancer incidence and mortality was found in the EURTC.

https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6498/aa7f8d Cited by References
The following article is Open access

Eliseo Vano et al 2018 J. Radiol. Prot. 38 109

View abstract View article PDF

During the International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine held in Bonn in 2012, several areas for improvement were identified, including specific actions related with justification, optimization, role of manufacturers, radiation protection education and training, strategic research, data collection on medical and occupational exposures, prevention of incidents and accidents, radiation safety culture, risk-benefit dialogue and implementation of the radiation safety standards. The outcomes of the Bonn Conference were summarized in the so-called ‘Bonn Call for Action’, identifying 10 priority actions to enhance RP in medicine. Trying to analyse the progress in the implementation of this ‘Call for Action’ in the Ibero-American region, several international organizations organized the ‘Ibero-American Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine’ (Conferencia Iberoamericana sobre Protección Radiológica en Medicina, CIPRaM) held in Madrid, in October 2016. CIPRaM was structured in eight thematic sessions dealing with: diagnostic and dental radiology, image guided interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, health authorities and radiation protection regulators, professional associations of technologists and nurses, professional associations of medical physicists and radiation protection experts, and universities and researchers in radiation protection in medicine. This paper summarizes the main results of that Conference based on the consensus achieved about main problems, solutions, and indicators to evaluate the implementation of the proposed solutions.

https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6498/aa914a Mens Cotton Pocket Square galaxy red by VIDA VIDA iByB5lpb
The following article is Open access

William Penney et al 2017 J. Radiol. Prot. 37 780


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