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The contents of is simply the crop value for :

And the contents of is just the list of movies, full paths without quotes, delimited by carriage returns:

Notice that there's no crop file for . This is because it doesn't require cropping.

For other options that won't change from input to input, e.g. , simply augment the line in the script calling :

The transcoding process is started by executing the script:

The path is first deleted from the file and then passed as an argument to the tool. To pause after returns, simply insert a blank line at the top of the file.

These examples are written in Bash and only supply crop values. But almost any scripting language can be used and any option can be changed on a per input basis. Proenza Schouler Woman Leather Sandals Black Size 37 Proenza Schouler 3gnWqx
has written a batch-processing wrapper for in TROUSERS Bermuda shorts Myths 9mzwiXhK
, available here:

What is a ratecontrol sytem? It's how a video encoder decides on the amount of bits to allocate for a specific frame.

My tool has two different ratecontrol systems available to control the size and quality of output video. The special, or default, ratecontrol system is designed to deliver consistent quality, while the average bitrate (ABR) ratecontrol system, enabled via the option, is designed to produce a predictable output size.

Both ratecontrol systems are modified versions of what is commonly called a constrained variable bitrate (CVBR) mode. Which means they both allow bitrate to vary per frame but still constrain that bitrate.

My special ratecontrol system leverages the constant quality ratecontrol system already within the x264 video encoder, an algorithm which uses a constant ratefactor (CRF) to target a specific quality instead of a bitrate.

My average bitrate (ABR) ratecontrol system modifies the ABR algorithm already within x264 which targets a specific bitrate, constraining it to produce better overall quality.

The target video bitrate for both systems is automatically determined by using the resolution of the input. For example, the default target for 1080p output is Kbps, which is about one-fifth the video bitrate found on a typical Blu-ray Disc.

While both systems deliver high quality, they sometimes have different visual characteristics.

When using , you might notice two lines in the console output containing something like this:

These are actually the settings used by my special ratecontrol system to configure the x264 video encoder within HandBrake.

This system attempts to produce the highest possible video quality near a target bitrate using a constant ratefactor (CRF) to specify quality. A CRF is represented by a number from to with lower values indicating higher quality. The special value of is for lossless output.

Unfortunately, the output bitrate is extremely unpredictable when using the x264's default CRF-based system. Typically, people pick a middle-level CRF value as their quality target and just hope for the best. This is what most of the presets built into HandBrake do, choosing a CRF of or .

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Spoiler: there is no right way. #justwebpackthings

There are a million tutorials online, so you probably have seen a thousand different ways to configure Webpack file. And all of them will be working examples. Why is it so? Webpack itself has been evolving really fast and a lot of loaders and plugins have to keep up. This is a major reason why the configuration files are so different: with a different version combination of the same tools things might work, or break.

Let me just say one thing, and this is my sincere opinion: a lot of people have been complaining about webpack and how cumbersome it is. This is true in many ways, although I have to say with my experience of working with gulp and grunt , you stumble upon the same type of errors there too, meaning that when you use npm modules , it’s inevitable that some versions would be incompatible.

gulp and grunt npm modules

Webpack 4 so far is the popular module bundler that has just undergone a massive update. There is a lot of new things it has to offer, such as zero configuration, reasonable defaults, performance improvement, optimisation tools out of the box.

zero configuration, reasonable defaults, performance improvement, optimisation tools out of the box.

If you are completely new to webpack, a great way to start would be to read the docs. liberty print Bow Tie and Self Pocket Square Pink Gianni Feraud 4gLfFs2
with many parts explained, so I will go through them very briefly.

Zero config: webpack 4 does not require a configuration file, this is new for the version 4. Webpack kinda grows step by step, so there is no need to do a monstrous configuration from the start.

Zero config:

Performance improvement: webpack 4 is the fastest version of webpack so far.

Performance improvement:

Reasonable defaults: webpack 4main concepts are entry, output, loaders, plugins . I will not cover these in details, although the difference between loaders and plugins is very vague. It all depends on how library author has implemented it.

Reasonable defaults:

This should be your .js file. Now you will probably see a few configurations where people include .scss or .css file there. This is a major hack and can lead to a lot of unexpected errors. Also sometimes you see an entry with a few .js files. While some solutions allow you to do so, I would say it usually adds more complexity and only do it when you really know why you are doing it.

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